Tangga Lagu Korea K-pop Terbaru September 2012

Daftar tangga lagu korea k-pop terbaru selama september 2012 :

1. I Need You, Huh Gak, Zia
2. Gangnam Style, PSY
3. Pandora, Kara4. My Love, Lee Jong Hyun(of CNBLUE)
5. Loving U, SISTAR
6. Only One, BoA
7. Beautiful Night, Beast
8. Passionate Goodbye, Psy (Feat.Sung Si-Kyung)
9. What Should Have Been, Psy (Feat. Lena Park)
10. ANYMORE, Seo In Young
11. illa illa, JUNIEL
12. Do Men Cry, Davichi
13. I Love You, 2NE114. Carry On, Ali
15. Love Is Falling In Drops, 10cm, Acoustic Collabo
16. It’s Me, sunny,luna
17. Day By Day, T-ara
18. Busan Vacance, Skull & HAHA
19. My Heart Hurts, Lee Hyun (8Eight)
20. If You Really Love Me, Busker Busker
21. Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say, Lee Jang Woo
22. Midnight, Beast Machsa
23. All For You, Seo In Kook, Jeong Eun Ji
24. Be Ma Girl, Teen Top
25. Pretty Enough, Verbal Jint (Feat. Sanchez) Pretty Enough
26. Over & Over, Shin Yong Jae (of 4MEN)
27. Hands Of The Clock, Shinyoo]
28. Would It Happen If I Want It, RAN
29. I’m Yesterday, Namolla Family JW (Feat. Taein)
30. When I Miss You, Beast
31. Hey, Seokbong, BulNaBang Star Sausage Club
32. Farewell Is Coming, Kang Min Kyung (of Davichi)
33. Aftermath, ZE:A
34. Sea Of Moonlight, IU & FIESTAR
35. Way, Kara lebahndut.net
36. One Person, Huh Gak
37. My Secret Dream, Yoon Do Hyun, Shin Min A
38. Butterfly, Jessica, Krystal
39. I’m Sorry That I’m Sorry, JP (Feat. G.NA)
40. One Summer Night, Brown Eyed Girls
41. I Couldn’t, 4Men
42. Seventy Seven 101, Psy (Feat. Leessang & JP)
43. I Hate You, ERU (Feat. Junhyung of BEAST)
44. Officially Missing You, GEEKS
45. Good Morning, Verbal Jint (Feat. Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm)
46. Fantasy, Jang Jae In
47. Spy, Super Junior
48. Tree Frog, Psy (Feat. G-Dragon)
49. Never Ending Story, Sohang
50. No Pain No Gain, M To M

Cre : berbagai sumber

Reshare : Ly.bum

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