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Chart 50 K-Pop Songs *NEW* Juli 2012

Kamu lagi cari-cari lagu K-Pop terbaru di bulan Juli 2012???

Ini dia niihhh list-nya 😀


1. Alone, SISTAR
2. Cherry Blossom Ending, Busker Busker
3. Volume Up, 4Minute
4. Leaving, Noel
5. Yeosu Night Sea, Busker Busker
6. First Love, Busker Busker
7. Fantastic Baby, BIGBANG
8. Love Is All The Same, Yangpa & Davichi & HANNA
9. Missing You Like Crazy, Tae Yeon
10. The Person That Loved You, Huh Gak
11. Someone Else, JYP (With Ga In)
12. Oh! My God, Girl’s Day
13. The Flowers, Busker Busker
14. Princess and Prince Charming, Sunny Hill
15. After a Long Time, Baek Ji Young
16. Missing You, Baek Chung Kang
17. Venus, Shinhwa
18. Did You Forget, Lee Seung Chul
19. As Time Goes By, Lee Ha Yi
20. The Day Before, Nell
21. Not A Popular Song, Kim Yun Woo
22. Loneliness Amplifier, Busker Busker
23. Heaven, Ailee
24. Love Day, Yang Yo Seob & Jung Eun Ji
25. Ideal Type, Busker Busker
26. Hey You, CNBLUE
27. Love Like This, Lee Young Hyun
28. Two Mari, BAE CHI GI machsa
29. Love Is Crying, K.Will
30. I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me, 2AM
31. Sherlock (Clue + Note), SHINee
32. Lead Me, SISTAR
33. Blue, BIGBANG
34. Teddy Bear, Lyn (Feat. Hae Geum)
35. April 19th, Apink
36. Tease Me, Seo In Kuk
37. Only One Love, One
38. Calling You, Busker Busker
39. Wait And Be Ready, Brave Guys
40. One Person Back Then, Kim Soo Hyun
41. Hands Of The Clock, Shinyoo
42. Perfume, Busker Busker
43. I Miss You, Baek Ayeon
44. At The Entrance To The Alley, Busker Busker
45. Spring Wind, Busker Busker
46. Can I Forget, Lee Jae-Hoon
47. Broke Up, Noel
48. Sad Love, Lee Jung
49. Parting Is All The Same, Yangpa & Shin Jong Kook
50. To Turn Back Hands of Time, Lyn

Lagu mana favoritmu??? 😀