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[PICT] Sungmin-Ryeowook at KBS Kiss The Radio~

Picts of Min-Wook couple^^

The best DJ at KBS Cool FM’s “Kiss The Radio~~”




Very love this pict >//< ♥

 (/‾ Δ‾)/ why you being like that? i want your cute smile oppa U,U

Aaaaaa Sungminie~~~

So Cute \(>ω<)/

kenapa berantem oppa? rebutin aku? kekeke~

Sungminie oppa lagi badmood sepertinya xD kekeke~

So handsome guys ever *o*

Are you joke? xD hahaha..

Saengil Chukkae~~!!^^

Oh, so tired.. i want to go to sleep now~~




Well, itu dia beberapa pict yang admin kumpulkan 😀 hope you enjoy it~~

See you next time 😀


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